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Sylloge on West Asia Vol 2 Issue 16, 16 August - 31 August 2022

8 September 2022


An anti- The military police of the Azerbaijani personnel minefield, planted by illegal Defense Ministry have started patrolling the Armenian armed groups after the second city of Lachin, the villages of Zabukh Karabakh war in 2020, was discovered in and Sus, Azernews reports, citing the the eastern part of Lachin District, in the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry. [...] The commander of the and emphasized that Tehran would never IRGC Aerospace Force cited Iran’s edge as surrender to the political behavior of the the reason why the Western countries push United Nations nuclear watchdog that is for limiting the country’s drones and affected by the Zionist pressures. [...] He added that a importance to us is to be able to increase the considerable part of the designated targets uses of nuclear technology in the country by have so far been destroyed and the mission the day,” the nuclear chief continued. [...] A statement by the SMC, the air force, army units, Special Forces and received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), internal intelligence, is one of the important stated that ", The military intelligence joint qualitative operations carried out by detachments, in coordination with the the heroes in our security forces to follow targeting cell of the Joint Operations up the remnants of the terrorist gan. [...] The articles warn that dismissing these concerns will The Hercules-2 joint military training exacerbate the tension and violence in the kicked off in Egypt with the participation of region and in the world.