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6 September 2022


At the simplest level, health literacy is a factor – how much an The social determinants of health are the conditions in which individual knows about the risks and benefits for their we are born, grow, live, work and age, and the structural health of the decisions they make. [...] Many of the factors to COVID-19, the social gradient of mortality from the that underlie this pattern – the social determinants pandemic looks very similar to the social gradient in of health – are the same for COVID-19 as they are for all-cause mortality, or in any number of other health health more generally. [...] Acting on the social determinants there was support for the project at the highest levels, of health takes a long time to produce evidence of and commitment throughout, and the recommendations health outcomes, given the time scales and complexity of that report have gone on to influence the Good Lives at play. [...] Luton’s levels of low to Luton’s relatively high mortality, high unemployment satisfaction have been very close to the average for the and high use of furlough, discussed below in the sections country for the last 10 years, but in the context of the on COVID-19 and employment. [...] This consists of considering different stages of life and development and the way in which advantages and disadvantages accumulate over the course of a lifetime, and contribute to health and lifespan.