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1 September 2022


fundamentally, there is growing scepticism and frustration about the intention of the nuclear New Zealand is calling on the nuclear weapons weapon states to ever fully implement their states – the US, Russia, China, France and the UK nuclear disarmament – to step back from the nuclear abyss, and provide Nuclear catastrophe is not an abstract commitments under the that leadership by threat but a re. [...] The August 24, Kishida said Japan should restart more country’s policy to link the startup ecosystem to of the nuclear power plants shut down after the nuclear sector through tech-development and Fukushima, extend their operating lifetimes and incubation centre is a positive initiative in the make a political decision regarding the direction of a green future. [...] He will use it to emerged from the NPR is: “the fundamental role claim that the Americans, the Europeans and the of US nuclear weapons is to deter nuclear attack Iranians all conspired to pass a bad deal for one on the United States, our allies and partners. [...] keeping the situation below the threshold of an outright conflict with the US – fits into the strategy The Challenge Remains: What remains is the that Lapid brought with him in June to the political challenge – how will Lapid form a Vol. [...] “What is of very great Looking at the global energy crisis caused by the significance to us is to be able to grow the Russian attack on Ukraine as well as the fact that applications of nuclear technology in the country Japan has to reduce its carbon footprint, the by the day….