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3 September 2022


Chandrayaan-1, launched in October 2008, was the country’s first unmanned lunar probe and made a controlled landing on the lunar surface, making the country the fourth in the world to have its flag planted on the Moon.5 It was this mission that made the world aware that 2. [...] The American financial aid package to Russia in 1993,13 however, turned the tide and Russia held up the Indian deal, agreeing only to the sale of seven of the completed cryogenic engine, the KVD-1. [...] The first was in the field of remote sensing, the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellite system and the other in the realm of geo-synchronous satellites, by way of the INSAT system for communications, TV broadcasting and meteorological services. [...] 2 SUMMER 2013 (April-June) 150 RAJAT JAIRATH sensing, making it the most advanced remote The PSLV sensing satellite in the world at that time.19 Such programme an output enabled digital mapping of the whole stabilised, grew country on a 1:125,000 scale and coupled with from strength to the output from the infrared-band sensor, fed strength and the in to the early years of mapping of the domestic d. [...] The first satellite of the IRNSS constellation, the IRNSS-1, is planned to be launched aboard the PSLV in 2013, while the full constellation is planned to be operational in 2014.36 The project includes complete indigenous content in the space and ground segments as well as in the end-user receivers.