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Re: Docket ID ED–2021–OCR–0166, RIN 1870–AA16, Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance

12 September 2022


These additions should be required to be made in the notice because students may not know all that “sex discrimination” covers.22 The proposed rules would also require employees who know of a student’s pregnancy or related condition to give them the Title IX coordinator’s contact information23 and would require Title IX coordinators to then notify the student of their rights if the student or some. [...] 6 nature” of the school’s program or activity.36 We appreciate the requirement that the modifications must be voluntary, but we note that as written the language of the proposed rules is somewhat vague as to what is meant by the term and whether it refers to the voluntary acceptance of the modification by t. [...] We also ask the Department to add more specific examples of modifications, including access to accessible parking; educational support services such as tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic counseling, and homework assistance to address medically necessary absences; and the modifications listed in sections V(C) and VIII(A) pertaining to parenting and caregiving students and workers. [...] ADMISSIONS We support the Department’s proposal to explicitly prohibit recipients from adopting a policy, practice or procedure that discriminates against a person based on their current, potential, or past pregnancy or related conditions in the admissions process.64 For the reasons outlined in section II(A) above, we urge the Department to add “perceived” and “expected” to the list of protected i. [...] However, more than 900 colleges across the country use the Common Application, which includes the question “if you have children, how many?”65 Because family and marital status are not defined in the proposed rules and recipients may view parental, marital and familial status as one of the same, we urge the Department to clarify that pre-admission inquiries as to the parental status of an applican.