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Harvest Service

25 August 2022


something to eat’ became common sense because what else do you do with hunger, but share it away? Voice 2: So let’s share - our time right now, the hopes and dreams we have for the future and the forgiveness we need to God, who pours good things into and over and through this move on. [...] Projections indicate that 25.3 Today, as we gather to celebrate harvest, we are mindful that million people in the Horn of Africa will face high levels of food there are places here in the UK and across the globe where insecurity in the coming months … our sisters and brothers. [...] We gather to celebrate a love that calls us family, and They were always fed – the 5000 on the hill, the 12 in the family share. [...] Christian Aid’s Focus Working through local partners, Christian Aid is responding to And he was always sitting at table with people he claimed as the severe drought in Ethiopia and Kenya and helping over his own - the tax collectors and sinners, Mary and Martha, 300,000 people by: Zacchaeus, and his friends on the Emmaus Road. [...] seeing it fuelled by the triple threat of Covid, conflict and climate change, it could be tempting to shake your head and - Sign our online petition to send a clear message to the Prime sadly say 'Impossible! That’s too big a mountain to climb.' We Minister that we are #HungryForAction.