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Vol.10, No.08(Aug)2022

15 September 2022


Just as the blind men feeling around an elephant described it as anything from a fan to a rope to a snake, perspectives differ based on the type of start-ups and the stage of the entrepreneurial journey most. [...] Bettencourt applies his framework to such issues as innovation and development across scales, human reasoning and strategic decision-making, patterns of settlement and mobility and their influence on socioeconomic life and resource use, inequality and inequity, biodiversity, and the challenges of sustainable development in both high- and low-income nations. [...] The book presents a wide-angled and comprehensive view of the state of the Indian economy. [...] INDIA 2022 / Ministry of Information and Broadcasting India 2022, a Reference Annual is a comprehensive digest of national progress in diverse fields, the book deals with all aspects of development from rural to urban, industry to infrastructure, science and technology to art and culture, from economy to health, defence to education or mass communication. [...] Its sugarcane-based ethanol is the most efficient biofuel on the global fuel market, and the South American nation is the largest biofuel exporter in the world.