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PAKISTAN NEWS DIGEST - A Selected Summary of News, Views and Trends from Pakistani Media

15 September 2022


On the remaining aspects also, the legal course is clear: leading not just to dissolution of the party but also in the disqualification of the party’s members in parliament and the provincial assemblies for their remaining terms, barring such disqualified members from contesting any election till the expiry of four (4) years from the date of their disqualification. [...] However, after seventy-five years, the various organs of the state such as the judiciary and police have matured as tools of exploitation for the state and the people are the serfs of the state. [...] The pioneering spirit of the population, and the clarity of purpose, idealism and ambition of the powerful civil-military bureaucracy set the country on the road to survival and stabilization, giving its diplomats abroad something to defend and be proud of. [...] According to media reports, the President expressed his desire that as the Supreme Commander of Armed forces and Head of State, he wants to attend the funerals of the martyred soldiers, but the agencies informed the President that due to the toxic, false and negative propaganda made by the PTI trolls against the martyrs, their families are deeply angry. [...] He asked the former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad about the details of the recent incident and also the possibility of the arrest of other leaders of the opposition as well.