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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) Medical Insurance Services for Abu Dhabi-UAE, Bonn-Germany and USA-NY staff

14 September 2022


g) “Material Deviation” refers to any content or characteristic of the Proposal that is significantly different from an important aspect or requirement of the RFP, substantially alters the scope and quality of the requirements, limits the rights of IRENA and/or the obligations of the Proposer, or compromises the competitive position of other Proposers or otherwise adversely impacts the fairness an. [...] 24), the Proposer shall structure the Technical Proposal in the format provided in Section 8 and in accordance with the following: 14.1 Expertise of Firm/Organisation – this section shall provide details regarding the management structure of the Proposer, organisational capability/resources, the experience of the Proposer, the list of projects/contracts (both completed and ongoing, both domestic a. [...] 15), IRENA will convert the currency quoted in the Proposal to the preferred currency in accordance with the prevailing United Nations operational rate of exchange on the deadline for submission of Proposals; and 16.2 In the event that the Proposal that is found to be the most responsive to the RFP requirements is quoted in a currency different from the preferred currency indicated in the Data She. [...] For the financial proposal evaluation, the following structure will be the formula to calculate the prices: 3.1 Out of the 30% of the financial proposal weight, an 80% of the financial evaluation will be dedicated for the cost of premiums (as per financial proposal) 3.2 Out of the 30% of the financial proposal weight, a 20% of the financial evaluation will be dedicated for the annual profit-sharin. [...] CONTRACTOR’S RESPONSIBILITY FOR The Agency’s approval of a subcontractor shall not relieve EMPLOYEES AND ASSIGNMENT OF PERSONNEL the Contractor of any of its obligations under the Contract, (a) The Contractor shall supervise and be responsible for the and the terms of any subcontract shall be subject to and in professional and technical competence of its employees and conformity with the provision.