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BUILDING COLLABORATIVE PHILANTHROPY TO STRENGTHEN - Women's Entrepreneurship in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas

7 September 2022


Deborah Foo, Hiral Sarvaiya, Roshini Prakash, Sangeetha Watson, Patricia The core mission of AVPN is to increase the flow of financial, human and Mathias and Saransh Maheswari, from AVPN, for providing guidance, intellectual capital to the social sector by connecting and empowering insights and expertise that greatly assisted the study. [...] A review of the literature and secondary management, organisation and business problems as well as to the data sources was conducted to understand the landscape of women exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities.” Along the same lines, the entrepreneurship in India with a focus on urban and peri-urban areas, European Commission defines a woman entrepreneur as a “woman who barriers faced by asp. [...] This peri-urbanisation has had a positive effect on mobility and migration, with the proportion of rural commuters increasing over the past few decades.16 From an entrepreneurship development perspective, understanding the differential characteristics of urban and peri-urban spaces, and access to resources, and professional and community networks, is critical. [...] • Gender-blind products, services and regulations (e.g., collateral and Barriers Faced by Aspiring Entrepreneurs and guarantor requirements, inflexible payment formats) Women-led Enterprises in Urban and Peri-urban Areas Access to Markets Social and Cultural Norms, and Biases • Longer distances to main markets and economic hubs • Prioritisation of household work (e.g., caregiving, household chores. [...] This can accelerate segments and geographies: Women entrepreneurs face diverse the learning curve for donors and partners, and offer flexible and Proscems and a more collaborative approach can help address responsive capital to organisations working on the ground to test new high-priority Problems for underserved segments (i.e.