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SDG Target 10.1 Inequity and Inequalities:Measurement Choices and Building Blocks of Poverty Sensiti

20 September 2022


Whether the rate of growth of cumulative income of the bottom 40 percentiles exceeds/equals/falls short of the rate of growth of cumulative income of the entire population, i.e. [...] At these points tangents would form angles of approximately 27 degrees or 14 degrees respectively to horizontal axis.7 15 The enormity of challenge of SDG Target 10.1 to progressively achieve and also sustain income growth of the bottom 40 per cent of the population at a rate higher than the national average, needs to be analyzed in the light of status and dynamics of the share of the bottom 40 pe. [...] the wider widths of the ‘lens’, and in the process the lowest deciles (as well as the highest ones) seem to make relatively smaller contributions towards the curve drawn and in turn the Gini coefficient. [...] The cherry on the cake is that the post-tax-subsidy transformation of incomes, the new AM value of income remains the same as the original one. [...] Here the aim is to properly sensitize on the plight of the ‘poor’, by capturing it to the extent possible in the index right from the stage of a member’s contribution.