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United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific MSME Financing Series No. 2 - Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’

16 September 2022


In the short term, a uniform definition for MSMEs should be established and financial institutions should report to the NBC and the Credit Bureau of Cambodia (CBC) the size of borrowing enterprises and the gender of their owners or managers, thus contributing to the creation of a useful MSMEs credit database. [...] In order to support the fast growth of the private sector, RGC also developed the Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund, the Skills Development Fund, and the TECHO STARTUP Center to support MSMEs and startups through the provision of training, mentoring, coaching, networking opportunities, and funds, either in grants or as co-investments. [...] Since 1999, the working group for MSMEs has solved some challenges faced by MSMEs, including the establishment of “One Window Service” in order to ease the registration process for MSMEs.17 However, the coordination of G-PSF is weak as the meetings between the public and the private sector are not regularly organized, and the discussion is less strategic because of the limited research available,. [...] 22 The Lenders shall file the complaint to the court with the required documents, including the collateral/loan agreement, with the Filing office; however, the trial is not conducted, and the court judgment is made based on the documents. [...] The VCIF, under the supervision of the MEF, will be implemented in 2019 by offering the matching grants up to 20 per cent of the total funds for agriculture technology and innovation.41 Central Bank Funds for On-Lending and MSME-focused FIs In Cambodia, the NBC has no regulation for on-lending and does not lend to FIs.