Impact of Covid-19 On Young people in India
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Impact of Covid-19 On Young people in India

6 June 2022


The looming uncertainty of the near future, fear of and/or actual loss of loved ones, individual, familial and social vulnerability, resulting anxiety, limited or no access to safe spaces to process the shock and trauma and loss of sense of hope, along with and compounded by the experiences of suffering and inequalities have contributed to a worsened mental health for young people. [...] Formation of a Research Team- In order to fully comprehend the SRHR and well being of young people and the effects of COVID-19, young people must not simply be subjects of our enquiries but need to play the role of enquirers in shaping and implementing enquiries and analysing the findings. [...] The informed consent form attached to the survey provided information about the purpose of the study, voluntary participation, confidentiality of identity and information shared by the participants and potential benefits and risks involved in the study. [...] The informed consent form informed the participants about the purpose of the study adequately, voluntary participation in the study and measures to protect confidentiality of the participants‘ identity and information were shared during the data collection, analysis and reporting. [...] 29 | P a g e Before beginning the group discussions and interviews, the participants were provided with a brief overview of the group discussion interviews, the topic of discussion, purpose of the study, objectives of conducting the interview and details of the interview procedure.

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