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19 September 2022


TAKES NOTE of the recurrent nature of the findings of the non-recovery of salary and travel advance payments to staff as well as imprest and loans, and the questionable nature of the entire process and the eligibility of staff members to be granted those benefits, and REQUESTS the Board of External Auditors to carry out an investigation on the status of all non-recovered amounts and the soundness. [...] INSTRUCTS the Chairperson of the Commission to enhance the implementation of the audit recommendations contained in the report and explore measures to shorten the length of time taken for the examination of each case in the report within the provisions of the SRR; 50. [...] REQUESTS the PRC, in close collaboration with the Commission, the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States and the host country of the 5th Africa– Arab Summit, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to agree on the exact dates for the holding of the 5th Africa–Arab Summit and its statutory preparatory Meetings in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, taking into consideration the above-mentioned proposals and subje. [...] TAKES NOTE of the link between the understaffing and the low budget execution rates and DIRECTS the Commission, through the Directorate of Human Resources Management (HRM), to develop an emergency action plan to fast track the recruitment of essential staff and to provide, in 2022, the Office of the Director General and HRM, with the critical staff needed to function effectively and to be able to. [...] CL/Dec.1143(XL) on the obligations to the Republic of Uganda and DIRECTS the Commission to effect the full payment of the already identified amount of US$12,194,333.40 to the Republic of Uganda using the Administrative Costs by August 2022 and to report to the Sub-Committee on Audit Matters.