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03b Poziční dokument HOTREC Nedostatek pracovních sil v sektoru pohostinství – perspektivní myšlení

16 September 2022


2 – What are the challenges the sector is facing? With the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, the hospitality sector is facing the challenge of not being able to find the workforce it needs, in most EU countries. [...] Therefore, the recruitment procedures; the time migrants can stay in the Member State; the quotas of migrants allowed; the level of administrative bureaucracy being demanded to allow these third-country nationals to enter the Member State part of the bilateral agreement, are some of the concepts to be discussed between the interested parties. [...] The quality of the service; the relevance of the human component; qualifications and training opportunities; the implementation of digital and green solutions as business models; the reinvestment of profits to reinsure sustainable growth; can all be part of a renewed hospitality sector. [...] • Media campaigns showing a positive impact of the sector on the national economy and local society, i.e., proving the strategic and economic importance of the hospitality sector in the national program. [...] The procedures include a review of the person’s experience; support in the translation of the certificates; support in finding activities that suit the person and the recognition of competencies.