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21 September 2022


THE RIGHT TO FREE CHOICE OF WHERE TO GIVE BIRTH AND WITH WHOM RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS It is important that the individual giving birth has the free choice of where THROUGHOUT PREGNANCY, BIRTH to give birth and to decide who should attend the birth, whether it be for AND THE POSTPARTUM PERIOD medical assistance or emotional support. [...] This has a direct impact on the quality of life of the affected parents and their child as it can lead to disruptions in the parent- child relationship and thus impair the child’s development. [...] WHO STATEMENT REPORT OF THE UN SPECIAL ISTANBUL CONVENTION OF RAPPORTEUR ON VIOLENCE THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE In 2014, WHO issued a statement AGAINST WOMEN on the “prevention and elimination The so-called Istanbul Convention of disrespect and abuse during fa- In July 2019, Dr Dubravka Ši- is an international treaty concluded cility-based childbirth”. [...] In opposition to position to the reductionist tendency of the feminist “programmed childbirth” arose the concept of “natural child- movement to focus entirely on the right to abortion. [...] It requires the birthing individual working in the area of reproductive justice to give to be enabled to give informed consent – which is not easy birth attendance and obstetric care a more promi- in the high-pressure atmosphere of the delivery room, often nent place on their agendas.