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SWP-WebMonitor - Nachhaltige Lieferketten 20.9.2022 - Nr. 6/2022 Projekte: Forschungsnetzwerk nachhaltige globale Lieferketten

20 September 2022


work-on-business-and-human-rights/ ENNHRI submission on the EU Framework on Business and Human Rights European Network of National Human Rights Institutions, 08.2022, 9 S. [...] acts-goals-means-rethinking-minerals/ Trilateral Joint Statement from the Trade and Labour Ministers of the US, Japan and the EU on the International Labour Organization’s Global Forced Labour Estimates European External Action Service, 15.09.2022, ca. [...] international-standards Letter of the Chair-Rapporteur ahead of the 8th session of the ntergovernmental working group on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights UN OHCHR, 07.09.2022, 2 S. [...] The Marikana Massacre: Repair and Corporate Accountability 10 Years On Malose Langa, Hugo Van Der Merwe, Modiege Merafe, Jordi Vives-Gabriel Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, 06.07.2022, 62 S. [...] ing-the-nexus-between-climate-change-and-extractive-industries-in-sub-saharan-africa The Minerals Council South Africa is closely engaged with government in the fight against illegal mining crisis, and it outlines urgent actions to address the scourge Minerals Council South Africa, 08.09.2022, 3 S.