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Stockholm Synthesis Report

20 September 2022


In June 2022, Stockholm+50 brought together public and private players to promote new thinking and innovation that links climate, nature and equity. It represented an opportunity to connect climate action to biodiversity restoration, to create value chains that are net zero, nature positive, and equitable for all. The Stockholm Synthesis Report synthesizes the views of companies and international organizations across six value chains. WBCSD partnered with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and the Stockholm+50 Secretariat, to mobilize companies, their coalitions and partnerships, and other stakeholders, involved in six key global value chains. Ultimately, this process led to the creation of the ‘Stockholm Action Agenda: Transforming Global Value Chains’ released at Stockholm +50. The synthesis report served as the evidence base for the ‘Stockholm Action Agenda: Transforming Global Value Chains’, which proposes three practical Action Priorities that provide the necessary structural unlock and impetus for wholesale business-driven value chain transformation. They are in turn underpinned by a proposal to transform a critical enabling environment – the global financial system itself.



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