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Achieving Connectedness and Cohesion SYNOPSIS COMMENTARY COVID-19 Deepened Rifts in Societies

16 September 2022


The President reminded all that “despite all our differences and disagreements, we are human beings at the end of the day, equally fragile, yet equally resilient.” Deepening the Understanding of Cohesiveness The carefully curated line-up of speakers for the ICCS addressed several specific areas, including the key questions “How faith can bridge divides”, “How diversity can be harnessed for the com. [...] Involving Youths in Fostering Social Cohesion One of the takeaways from the Young Leaders Programme (YLP) in ICCS 2019 was that YLP delegates wanted to be more involved in the conference component of ICCS. [...] They appreciated the ICCS structure, and many commented that it was important to understand the facets of social cohesion from the leading subject matter experts, in order to apply the relevant portions creatively to the YLP activities. [...] Raising the level of conversations, widening the network of relationships, and expanding the community of practice, remain the cardinal points to plan for future interactions on cohesive societies. [...] He wishes to acknowledge the inputs of the ICCS team in RSIS in the writing of this commentary.