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30 September 2022


2.2- The STC The STC was founded in Aden, 2017 by the southern separatists and headed by AidarosAlzubidi “to lead the territories of the former People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen to independence.”12 The STC rules the interim capital of Aden and the neighboring governorates of Lahj, Al- Dhale, Shabwa, Socotra and some parts of Abyan. [...] Oh God, we absolve your enemy, the enemy of your Prophet, the enemy of Imam Ali, and the enemy of the one you commanded us to obey, my master Abd al-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi.”22 Hussein al-Houthi, the founder of the Houthi group,rejects pluralism in any sense of its meaning in thought oreven the branches of jurisprudence.23Hence, the political thought of the Houthi group believes that Yemenis m. [...] However,the results of the NDC, which divided the country into six federal states,were immediately rejected by some southerners, such as the traditional leaders of the Southern Movementlike Ali Salem al Beidh, who insisted on a separate state.30 The map shows the six regions of Yemen based on the outcomes of the NDC ( 2013-2014).31 Thefounding manifestoof the STC in April 2017“to lead the territor. [...] For instance, the political calculations of KSA towards the Yemeni Islamic IslahParty, which led the scene of the Yemeni youth revolution in 2011, led to confusion in the political and military scene and even to the derailment of the objectives of Decisive Storm. [...] At the level of regional conflict, the study found that the UAE’s continued military presence in Yemeni areas, mainly the ports and islands, as well as Bab al-Mandeb, does not help to end the status quo, but rather opens the door wide to regional competition and the militarization of the Red Sea.

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