Small Modular Reactor (SMR Deployment: Advantages and Opportunities for ASEAN
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Small Modular Reactor (SMR Deployment: Advantages and Opportunities for ASEAN

27 September 2022


The generated electricity in the INL will be transmitted to Utah, and one of the NuScale reactor modules will provide electricity to meet the energy demand of the INL according to the agreement between UAMPS and Battel Energy Alliance, the manager of the INL. [...] In 2018, the UK government published the Nuclear Sector Deal, which said that the government and industry need to make partnerships to reinforce the competitiveness of the nuclear industry in the UK. [...] In October 2017, the UK government announced that it would invest up to £7 million (£5 million to the ONR and £2 million to the EA) to further develop the capability and capacity of the nuclear regulators to support and regulate the development of advanced nuclear technologies. [...] In June 2017, the CNL and Terrestrial Energy set out a feasibility study for the siting of the first commercial Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) at the Chalk River site to identify a suitable location to construct the plant on the basis of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) of the IMSR engineering programme in 2016. [...] The size of the precautionary action zone and the emergency planning zone must be considered according to need on the basis of the risk caused to the surroundings of the plant’.

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