cover image: COOPERATION WITH AFRICA - T20 Africa, G20 and Africa: Assessing Our Impact and


COOPERATION WITH AFRICA - T20 Africa, G20 and Africa: Assessing Our Impact and

22 Aug 2018

Though the chairs of the African Union and the Heads of States and Government Coordination Committee of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development were accepted as observers at the G20 meetings, this level of engagement is still insufficient. [...] Given the number of relationships and interdependencies between Africa and the G20 countries and the world and how the interests of G20 members are prioritized first and foremost, policies that emerge out of the G20 directly impact development in Africa and the world. [...] As a result, it is critical to assess the impact of T20 Africa on the policy development process and the effects of these policies on social and economic development in Africa. [...] It would be highly desirable to build capacity in the T20 Africa to effectively monitor policy recommendations that emerge from the group and publicly share their status – whether and when they were considered by the G20 and the implementing agency. [...] For a more ambitious impact agenda that further examines the implementation of commitments by G20 member states, an evaluation similar to the one conducted by the International Organizations Research Institute of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the G20 Research Group of the University of Toronto in 20126 could be done for T20 Africa recommendations.
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