Who pays for what under the Tuition-Fee-Free Education
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Who pays for what under the Tuition-Fee-Free Education

7 October 2022


• The responsibility of the Government to make education free means that the Government has eliminated financial barriers from parents in order to ensure all children, regardless of their situations, must complete their education. [...] Some years The introduction of the Tuition-Fee-Free Education later, the policy was changed to Education Subsidy, where (TFFE) shows some misunderstandings by many the Government paid certain portion of the school fees parents in Papua New Guinea (PNG). [...] This is common in PNG where the maximum Board of Management fee to fund the administration of fee set by the National Education Board (Table 1) are set the school (Bray, 1983). [...] based upon the required average ability of parents to pay and not exactly upon the actual unit cost of education In support of the policy review (Ivarature, 1995), it was (Ministry of Education, 2022). [...] New Ireland and Enga provinces being So, the perception that the Government pays for all the the two that implemented the TFFE with a lot of successes school requirements is partly true.