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Classroom Quality and Teacher Characteristics in Ecuador

15 Oct 2019

This project analyzes teachers’ practices for around 2000 teachers in 204 schools in Ecuador. Each year a group of teachers was filmed and screened using the CLASS instrument to measure their practices. The results show that teachers do better on Emotional Support and Classroom Organization domains and that the results are consistent across grades. Also, the project analyzes the impact of teachers’ characteristics and skills on their CLASS score. Being a tenured teacher and having more experience are strongly related to CLASS score. Also, there is a strong relationship of IQ score, inhibitory control and attention and some traits of the Big Five, and their practices in the classroom.
education quality child development teaching effectiveness classroom organization teacher-student interaction


Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannu, Fuertes, Nicolás, Schodt, Sara

Published in
United States of America

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