How Covid-19 Shrank Civic Space
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How Covid-19 Shrank Civic Space

16 June 2022


Introduction and purpose Definition of civic space In 2021, we set out to study the effects of the Covid-19 The structures, processes and legal pandemic on civic space, with a special research focus instruments, and the absence of through primary data in Bangladesh and Nigeria, plus case restrictions, which make it possible studies on Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Israel and the occupied for citizens to asso. [...] and act on issues of interest to them The purpose is for us and our partners to understand and in the space outside the family, the evidence the impact of Covid-19 on civic space, in order to state and the market. [...] shops and public utilities, medical The marginalised groups and communities we consulted − centres and places of worship, as Dalit, indigenous and transgender communities − note this one example from our research long-term decline in quality and scope of civic space, the shows: erosion of democracy and the weakening of civil society from ‘Due to a localised lockdown, the within.6 They recognise th. [...] In Myanmar, for example, it appears that the unstable institutional context due to the electoral defeat for the military party, along with the Covid-19 emergency, contributed to the desire of the military to seize power in the 2021 coup. [...] There have been continued killings of Highlighting human rights leaders pushing for the implementation of the 2016 peace agreement, and of human rights defenders including women abuses in Colombia and defenders of the environment.14 Police and the military With our partner organisations in were authorised to respond violently to the largely peaceful Colombia, we redoubled advocacy demonstrations t.

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