Reporting matters - 10th anniversary edition
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Reporting matters - 10th anniversary edition

19 October 2022


ability to generate long-term value In our first Reporting matters publication 10 years ago, I called for – The ongoing digitization of the reporting landscape, which for its owners and the communities the development of reporting practices that reflect the true value makes it easier to collect, collate and analyze data from different and ecosystems that its of companies and the decision-making ne. [...] sustainability reporting during the SDGs and human rights, a global health crisis and the and a focus on increasing the links between COVID-19 robustness of the Reliability and long-term sustainability indicator with insights from pressures. [...] The main body of the report links strategic, potential to contribute to the realization of the Goals – both target-level SDGs to areas of action, key topics and influence through enhancing positive impacts and mitigating negative along the value chain. [...] It aims to provide insights and clarity around the main ESG – Demonstrate how management is involved in the materiality materiality decisions and challenges based on an analysis of assessment process and/or validation of the results; and over 550 company reports, 20 company interviews and a review – Explain how third parties contributed to the assessment of existing guidance and literature. [...] to include the comprehensive scrutiny of a set of 25 relevant The statement should specify scope, boundaries, the applied indicators across the areas of safety, climate (covering all the Sustainability Repo 2021 Consolidated Non-Financial Statement prepared in accordance standard and level and a statement of independence.