DETAILS OF THE POSITION Job Title:     Advisor Level:
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DETAILS OF THE POSITION Job Title: Advisor Level:

28 September 2022


Assist the Director in the development, rationalization, coordination and evaluation of ACS policies, programmes and projects which contribute effectively to the development process in the Greater Caribbean; 2. [...] Assist the Director in the submission of working documents for meetings of the ACS bodies and working groups as well as ensuring that the outcomes of such meetings are prepared for circulation in compliance with Agreements 13/10 and 9/17; 8. [...] Assist the Director in drafting agendas and participate in meetings of the Council of National Representatives of the Special Fund, the Special Committees for Trade Development and External Economic Affairs, Transport, Sustainable Tourism, Disaster Risk reduction and Caribbean Sea Commission; 10. [...] Research, co-ordinate and monitor the compilation of data and statistical information on studies, policies, projects and programmes undertaken to support the work of the Directorate and by other international/regional organisations; 16. [...] Assist the Director in organising, executing, monitoring and following up on activities of the Directorate and those stemming from the mandates received from the Special Committees as well as those received from the higher bodies of the ACS; 18.