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To: Delegation of the EU to Cameroon, British High Commission, German, French, U. S. Embassy

22 July 2022


22 July 2022 Subject: Commitment for forest protection and halt of road building and logging in Ebo Forest Dear Ambassadors and High Commissioner to Cameroon, We are writing to express urgent concern about the future of the Ebo forest and the surrounding villages. [...] The road building goes against the Prime Minister Decree from 6 August 2020 The Decree halted the conversion of the forest into Forest Management Unitsv(FMU). [...] We propose you urgently address the need for sustainable development for the communities and promote investigations into the legality of the road project. [...] If you wait too long the current road building will destroy the core areas of the Ebo forest in the next weeks and months. [...] To meet your zero-deforestation, human rights, climate, development and biodiversity goals and to promote the rule of law and inclusive forest governance we urge you to ensure the current road project and logging is investigated and halted and to publicly commit to long-term and inclusive solutions for the villages near Ebo forest.