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To scare or not to scare? Is a message of fear A

21 July 2022


Off The Leash: The development of autonomous military postgraduate/degrees/index.php?r=site/view&id=863 drones in the UK. [...] “wishing and yearning for relief from a negative situation, or for the realization of a positive outcome when the odds do not greatly favor it”3 and its associated motivational function is to According to the Climate Change Committee, 62% of encourage goal pursuit.future emissions reductions depend – at least in part – on behaviour change.1 What makes for an effective message Threatening message i. [...] There is significant evidence that When messaging works – and when it doesn’t information provision alone is a weak driver of behaviour.5 A key argument against the deficit model is that it presumes Fear arises when individuals perceive themselves to be faced that most people process information according to a scientific with imminent physical harm2 and is thought to be a useful model: that they e. [...] the individual tries to find a way to resolve the contradiction to reduce their discomfort. [...] A meta-analysis of the effect of mediated health People are also much more likely to accept challenging communication campaigns on behavior change in the United States.