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Scientists’ warnings and adequate response I

15 July 2022


SGR_RS4_2022_WEB.pdf Further engagement more than half of the professional science and engineering organisations in our original report now have some form of In the next stage of our work, we are encouraging members of responsible investment policy with more on the way. [...] Meanwhile, 8 The latest reports and responses can be found at the bottom of the page at: three bodies no longer invest in the arms industry. [...] The warnings have spread awareness and acceptance of the reality ‘Second Notice’ reviewed humanity’s response to the UCS of the climate and nature emergency but have so far failed in warning by presenting the trends, from 1960 to around 2015, of their overriding aim, for the emissions, etc, at the root of the nine indicators of global ecological stress. [...] It A major part of the difficulty is orthodox economics, with its is important to acknowledge the fear of change, the allure of commitment to the measurable and to growth. [...] Necessities as of Right: to accord to all people as of right, in 1992.pdf practice and not merely in name, the basic necessities of a 3.