Sylloge on West Asia, Vol 2 Issue 20, 16 October - 31 October 2022
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Sylloge on West Asia, Vol 2 Issue 20, 16 October - 31 October 2022

7 November 2022


meeting on Monday, Heydar-Ali Balouji, a According to the major general, the victory diplomat in Iran’s permanent mission in the of the Islamic Revolution and the 8-year UN, said that the repeated failures of imposed war on Iran were two key events revision in the Treaty on the that changed the contemporary world. [...] The Iranian Army underlined its resolve to Major General Mohammad Bagheri, the avenge the blood of the martyrs of a Iranian armed forces chiefs of staff, said in terrorist attack at a Shia shrine in the city of a statement that security and intelligence Shiraz, reiterating that it stands ready to hit forces will swiftly punish the "internal and the enemies with “an iron fist” in any foreign design. [...] deadly riots in Iran, the Iranian Army said He continued by saying that the individuals that the enemies plotted the recent wave of responsible for the most recent wave of riots with the goal of creating insecurity and disturbance in the country as well as others unrest in Iran, and that the terror attack on who had been duped in the matter were Shah Cheragh Shrine was part of the same "undoubtedl. [...] During terrorists the meeting, the Iranian foreign minister pointed to the expanding relations between Tajik MFA denies report about assembly Tehran and Baghdad in all fields, and of Iranian drones emphasized on the cooperation of the two Iran Repubic News Agency, October 31, countries in the field of security, including 2022 the need to deal with armed terrorists from the Iraqi Kurdistan region. [...] incursions into Palestinian cities, villages, During the launch of her book Militia State and camps, the continued storming of al- - The Rise of Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi and the Aqsa Mosque and the Ibrahimi Mosque, Eclipse of the Iraqi Nation State, seasoned and the attempt to change the status quo of journalist Baria Alamuddin discussed how these holy sites, is a declaration of an all- militias have st.

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