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The 2022 National Defense Strategy: Takeaways for the US Navy and Marines

9 November 2022


The NDS focusses on the first of the three, but implicitly acknowledges the importance of the other two. [...] The constant emphasis on the need to work with allies and partners, indeed, is the second of the main themes of the NDS. [...] Implications for the US Navy and Marines Identifying China as the pacing threat, even as the Ukrainian war reaches its potentially most dangerous phase, underlines the overriding importance in American security thinking of the Indo-Pacific in general and the Western Pacific in particular. [...] The maintenance of resilience — the capacity to withstand attack and carry on, if necessary without escalation — also comes out in the accompanying Nuclear Posture Review, where emphasis is given to the survivability of a secure strategic strike force in the shape of the Columbia class of ballistic-missile firing submarines that are due to appear in 2030. [...] In the Western Pacific, the operational resilience of the US Navy will be sustained by the supportive efforts of the other services and of its allies and partners as well as through a determined effort to fix its own vulnerabilities.