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CURRENT JOURNAL CONTENTS - A Monthly Current Information Service ~

3 November 2022


Kimball 12 The First TPNW Meeting and the Future of the Nuclear Ban Treaty 4 In Brief By Rebecca Davis Gibbons and Stephen Herzog Notable Quotable After the successful launch of the nuclear ban treaty, the hard work of convincing more states to join lies ahead. [...] 10 / October 2022 Defence and Peace Economics Volume 33 Number 6 October 2022 CONTENTS Articles 637 NATO Burden Sharing after the Wales Summit: AG eneralized Set Qualitative Analysis Tim Haesebrouck 655 The Economic Costs of a Secessionist Conflict: The Case of Catalonia Alejandro Estel/er-More and Leonzio Rizzo 689 The Cyclical Relationship of Peace and Trust Melissa R. [...] High Performance Computer Exports to the Soviet Union 755 by Mario Daniels The Cold War Construction of the Amerasian, 1950-1982 782 by Yuri Doolan BOOK REVIEWS The History of the Cold War, Thirty Years After 808 by Jeremi Suri Blood Ties: The United States and Vietnam Beyond War 812 by Heather Marie Stur Turtles the Whole Way Down 815 by Frederick R(flJ)e Dauis The Cold War Coalition 818 by Kyle. [...] Sovacool 113147 Energy and society The role of electric vehicles in decarbonising Australia's road transport sector:" modelling ambitious scenarios The (Non) impact of the Spanish "Tax on the Sun" on G. [...] Discussion of the territorial dimension influence prO\incial GHG emissions in Canada of the energy transition based on the cases of four S.

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