Customary land release to settlers and its impact on landowners at Taurama Valley, Port Moresby
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Customary land release to settlers and its impact on landowners at Taurama Valley, Port Moresby

20 October 2022


Max Kep, Executive Director of the Office of and maintain access to land for housing and economic Urbanization at that time confirmed that part of the activities (Chand and Yala, 2012; Numbasa and failure was related to the misconception that customary Koczberski, 2012). [...] The Office of Urbanization and the National Capital Save customary land from alienation: Lack of District Commission (NCDC) were to oversee the information, coupled with the sight of surveyors at the development of Taurama as a suburb with basic services valley reminded landowners of the historical experiences and amenities under a partnership arrangement between of land alienation by the colonial. [...] What has been the impact of informal custom- ary land transactions on landowners and their Diverging understanding of transactions between families? landowners and settlers Informal customary land transactions have affected the The ambiguous nature of agreements complicate matters 2 S POTLIG HT as the two groups’ understanding of the transactions Koczberki, 2012) shows that access to land based on. [...] The impact of informality will extend well both groups agree on the need for intervention such beyond the current landowners and migrants and affect as access basic infrastructure and utility services and children and grandchildren of both parties, who will long-term security of access and ownership of land and inevitably be caught in disputes over land and property. [...] Information on existing Conclusion policy, systems and processes regarding customary land mobilisation for development through the formation Opening up Taurama informally to settlers was due to of Incorported Land Groups and registration of a misunderstanding of the purpose of the urbanisation customary land needs to be prepared and packaged in a project from lack of engagement and consultation wi.