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16 November 2022


the Lockheed Martin the US and Japan to deter version of the system, the hostile military activities in Hypersonic Air-breathing the Western Pacific. [...] The difference is that the shape of the is aiming for an HGV in 2026, the US vehicle allows it to manoeuvre toward a target, Congressional Research Service noted in a July away from the defences. [...] “France is a balancing the US’s “pacing least 1,000 deliverable warheads by power that assumes its the end of the decade,” the Nuclear responsibilities as a reliablechallenge” because it is partner to protect “the only competitor with Posture Review, one of the policy documents, said of China’s nuclear multilateralism andboth the intent and increasingly the weapons program. [...] deliverable warheads by the end of the Some wondered if he was preparing to alter the decade,” the Nuclear Posture Review, one of French nuclear doctrine, which only allows the use the policy documents, said of China’s nuclear of such weapons to defend the country’s vital weapons program. [...] As a Washington and Seoul with the opportunity to result, the US bases in South Korea and the discuss strategic and policy issues regarding so- country itself are the frontline of any conflict with called extended deterrence, including the use of China.