PUBLIC POLICY BLOG - Why does Census Data - matters in PNG?
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PUBLIC POLICY BLOG - Why does Census Data - matters in PNG?

19 October 2022


It is the root of decision-making for redistricting, community • Drawing district boundary lines development planning and the development of • Analysing labour supplies the MTDP IV and SDGs as follows: • Forecasting housing needs in urban areas• Forecasting future transportation needs Redistricting • Establishing disaster management programs The direct purpose of the census is to allocate politica. [...] Thus, it is important for the The priority for the national government in Government of Papua New Guinea to consider planning for the Medium Term Development conducting national census soon to contribute to Plan IV and the 17 Sustainable Development making informed decisions for the country. [...] Goals (SDGs), and their 169 associated targets, is to ensure conducting of the next census to address the strengths and weaknesses of data sources About the Author and the gaps the country is currently facing. [...] Getting the next population census count right is Peter Michael Magury is a Research Fellow with critical because, according to the United Nations the Development Indicators Research Program (2022), eight years from now, by the end of the at the PNG National Research Institute. [...] of Science from the University of Papua New Guinea and his Master of Science in Statistics Conclusion from the Swinburne University of Technology Census data is the root of decision-making for in Melbourne.