IS Report NB
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IS Report NB

4 October 2022


TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 The Shift to Net Zero: The Need for Innovation 2 Overcoming Barriers to Innovation Deployment 4 What are Innovation Sandboxes? 6 How we Design Innovation Sandboxes for New Brunswick 7 New Brunswick Opportunities and Barriers 9 An Innovation Sandbox for New Brunswick 13 Next Steps The Shift to Net Zero: The Need for Innovation In April 2022, the federal government released its E. [...] A recent report by Pollution Probe and QUEST Canada found that current policies and programs across Canada — including New Brunswick—don’t provide the necessary support to develop the new business models and services needed to introduce innovation and meet our net-zero targets.4 The challenge then is to develop the policies, programs, and regulatory tools that would enable the deployment and scali. [...] These workshops were designed to identify the barriers to the deployment of low-carbon innovation in the province and inform the development of an Innovation Sandbox that could help meet the needs of New Brunswick’s energy sector. [...] 9 To achieve these objectives, the Innovation Sandbox should be designed to reduce the two primary barriers to low-carbon innovation in New Brunswick that were identified by workshop participants: an outdated regulatory system with a need for modernization as well as the need to increase collaboration to bring new players and stakeholders into the sector. [...] While there were concerns identified that were beyond the scope of the current project, developing an Innovation Sandbox will help reveal the issues that need to be addressed, and will help facilitate the development of a platform for collaboration that can help provide answers and contribute to a future discussion on the development of the province’s Net-Zero Strategy and Clean Electricity Strate.

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