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Social Policy Trends: The Return to Labour Market Investments in Female Immigrants

1 November 2022


Over the past few months, the Social Policy Trends series has centered around the economic lives and inclusion of newcomers to Canada, and the particular role of social agencies in helping immigrants achieve their potential in the labour market. [...] The red line represents all women, and how their success contributes to maximizing the economic and social immigrant women, while the blue line represents immigrant women who benefits of immigration as outlined by legislation. [...] In the periods Gender wage parity is measured by the gender pay ratio – the incomes of women after receiving these loans recipients of these supports earned median divided by the incomes of men. [...] For immigrant women this shown in the figure, not only did their ratio of pay compared to men number stands at 70% but includes both long-term immigrants and new arrivals to increase, but the gender wage gap was almost entirely closed in their first Canada. [...] The lines in the training and services helping women generally and immigrant women figure represent the ratio of pay between immigrant women and the national median specifically.