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AUGUST 2022 - INCOMES OF REFUGEES IN CANADA - Interventions that provide social and financial capital can help refugees

2 August 2022


This is the second report in the Social Policy Trends series to investigate the impact of social agencies on the economic and social inclusion of newcomers to Canada. [...] In the June report, we covered the role of career planning, coaching, and mentorship services in the economic success of immigrants to Canada. [...] The average Windmill client completes their Refugees face additional barriers to full inclusion in Canadian socioeconomic life career success plan after 4.9 years of living in Canada; as shown in the compared to other newcomers. [...] These and other factors Private and public funders of Windmill and other social agencies should may limit their ability to seek higher paying jobs or the training necessary to achieve find it in their best interests to support these programs and help refugees them. [...] It shows the median annual incomes for provide residents with goods and services to a greater degree, and refugees at the national level compared to refugee clients of Windmill Microlending, a governments see higher tax revenues.