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23 November 2022


PRE-ELECTORAL OBSERVATIONS a) Political Context The Republic of Equatorial Guinea organizes these coupled general elections in accordance with the consensus between the stakeholders of the majority and the opposition, in particular on the date of the elections and the modalities of public financing of the candidates in competition. [...] Appointed by the Head of State, it is non- permanent sinceit is put in place 5 days after the promulgation of the Decree convening the electoral body and it ends 100 days after the elections, in accordance with the provisions of Law No.7/2015; • The Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Collectivities plays a certain role in the management of the electoral process as well as the Ministry of For. [...] These two ad hoc institutions of the electoral process support the actions of the CEN in the organization of elections at the national and international levels because while the former ensures the enrolment of voters and the proclamation of provisional results; the latter facilitates the voting of the diaspora abroad; in close collaboration with the CEN: • Lastly, the regulatory body for the audio. [...] During the election day, the following relevant observations were made by the Mission from the opening of the polling stations until the end of the polls and the counting of the voting results in the witness stations. [...] The Mission also noted the existence of a stable majority in the decision-making spheres of the country following the provisional proclamation of the official results published on 21 November 2022 by the Minister of the Interior.