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Analyses •Armenia weaponizes “democracy” narrative in territorial ambitions

22 November 2022


In 1998, the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia passed a law “On the Protection and Use of Historical and Cultural Monuments, Historical Environment,” which forbids political, ideological, religious, racial, and national discrimination in the administration of cultural resources.3 Article 26 of the 1991 Constitution of Armenia governs the freedom of religion and conscience.4 This body of. [...] It should be noted that the law “On relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian Apostolic Church” was adopted in 2007, and the latter was given a number of privileges and budget support.7 The UN Commission on Children’s Rights reported in 2014 that it was necessary to eliminate the subject “History of the Armenian Church” from the required school curriculum due to the infringement o. [...] The statement denounced the law’s approval by the legislature, backed up the residents’ legitimate complaints, and asked for the law’s repeal.15 There was a series of cases of physical assault against media professionals in the second quarter of 2022. [...] The international organization Reporters Without Borders denounced these barriers to journalists.17 On November 12, 2020, after the victory of Azerbaijan in the 44-Day War, the special investigative service of Armenia reported on arrests in the framework of a criminal case on violations of the law on the organization and holding of mass meetings. [...] The leader of the Prosperous Armenia opposition party, Gagik Tsarukyan; the deputy heads of the Motherland Party, Ara Sahakyan, and the Republican Party, Eduard Sharmazanov; the head of the Yerkir Media TV channel; a member of the Dashnaktsutyun Party, Gegham Manukyan; and opposition activists David Hambardzumyan and Suren Sureniants were detained18.