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Rebuilding Regional Economies through Women’s Economic Empowerment

23 November 2022


This is especially so in and implementation and gives due this global crisis as the lockdown and recognition to the vulnerable groups closures of economies have shown and sectors that are hardest hit by unprecedented adverse impacts on the pandemic, in the hope that mov- the working lives of women. [...] Therefore, including and man trafficking, and a host of realities on the ground– investing in women is key to other vile operations women especially in the aftermath of an post-pandemic recovery. [...] offered – for instance, the abil- After crises, the general pattern ity to organise initiatives to is to usually fall back to known meet their needs, being able to and comfortable ways of acting allocate their time between and doing – and letting a crisis work in the public and private “go to waste” as an impetus for spheres, and fair remuneration change for the better. [...] The conference discussed the shape of the and sanitation is critical to health, economic growth, and the environ- fund and sources of financing, but it could take another year or two ment. [...] Politico 28 October 2022 SchengenVisa News 10 November 2022 For Rohingya refugees, rising dangers and a Post-pandemic recovery and the plight of long road to repatriation ASEAN’s migrant workers Repatriation is still a faraway prospect for most Rohingya refu- COVID-19 has taken a significant toll on the job stability of Southeast Asia’s migrant workers with many of the businesses gees in Banglades.