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22 September 2022


THAILAND Type 1 or Type 4 FGC (mild cutting or pricking of the PHILIPPINES clitoris) within the Muslim community in Southern Thailand > Unpublished master’s thesis by Calsalin (2008)43 after 40 days of the postpartum period (at the end of the observed the Yakan Muslim community’s (based in mother’s seclusion period) by the traditional midwife.31 the province of Basilan, Bangsamoro, Philippines) ri. [...] The practice of FGC is complex and healthcare professionals These discussions can hopefully help healthcare are not impervious to the influence of religious and cultural professionals reflect on their medical practice and beliefs of the practice. [...] between religion-informed practices of FGC is out of the This violates the human right to health and bodily integrity scope of this toolkit), it is best not to perform FGC on (Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). [...] Informed consent means permission is granted in this is a violation of the Convention on the Rights of the full knowledge of the benefits and complications of the the Child. [...] FGCS comprises procedures including labiaplasty, rights of men and women of full age to marry and form hymenoplasty (reconstruction of the hymen with or a family without any limitations of race, nationality or without consent is illegal in the UK, as the practice is religion, and that marriage can only be entered with the closely related to virginity testing),60 clitoral hood reduction, free and f.