ProCurement policy Co m p li a n c e
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ProCurement policy Co m p li a n c e

9 November 2022


through which 1,210 officials form a variety of public entities According to the report, the PPU’s strategic objective for the were trained on the substance and implementation of the Public 2020/21 financial year was to ‘Enhance efficiency of the public Procurement Act. [...] Category 1 public entities showed the highest level of compli- The PPU report states that during the 2020/21 financial year ance, with 73% of entities submitting quarterly reports during the unit audited the internal procurement system and process- the year. [...] First off, public entities are instructed to first seek clarifications In this regard, Brand states in the letter that “we have ob- from the internal procurement committee, which can then ap- served that in most instances the accounting officers being the proach the internal procurement management unit or the PPU accountable persons responsible for the full compliance with through the accounting o. [...] The report states that “to implement the recommendations As for the recommendations, the following: “PPU to contin- and deliver the above objectives, a Decongesting Committee ue to educate public entities on the correct us of procurement consisting of staff members of the PPU and CPBN was appointed methods to support achievement of the objectives of the Pub- to steer its implementation”. [...] ing of the impact of the procurement system on the socio-eco- The challenges are identified as: “Continued use of non-com- nomic policy objectives of the Government; PPU to facilitate the petitive methods by public entities without justification; Lack of drafting of requisite regulations to ensure full implementation of an integrated public procurement system to provide data; Limit- the Public Pro.

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