Secure and Affordable Housing for a Thriving Economy
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Secure and Affordable Housing for a Thriving Economy

17 November 2022


The aim of housing policy should be to provide secure housing opportunities across the whole population, at prices that should not exceed 25% of disposable income, and the flexibility for people to move easily to take advantage of life opportunities. [...] The value of that guarantee is sufficient to bring rents down by up to 20%, and up to 40% if the employer has a public sector credit rating giving the public sector a considerable advantage. [...] Deemed value of property would be increased annual- ly from the revaluation date by the amount of increase in the Consumer Price Index, with CGT on sale being calculated on the increase in value from the date of valuation (or the date of purchase for purchases that happen after the re-valuation date). [...] To avoid the re-valuation exercise being overwhelmed by appeals, owners of any property would be given the option to sell the property to the valuation authority at the valuation price if the owner challenges the valuation as being too high. [...] The owner will also be asked to propose a lower valuation and the relevant authority will have the option of purchasing the property at the price proposed by the owner.