WWF intervention at the DG ENVI media briefing
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WWF intervention at the DG ENVI media briefing

25 November 2022


The gap between existing political commitments and the CBD negotiations needs to be bridged by strengthening the GBF WWF has identified 7 key areas in which the global biodiversity framework must galvanise transformative action: ● A nature-positive world by 2030 A mission to reverse the loss of biodiversity and secure a nature-positive world by 2030 for the benefit of all people and the planet, mu. [...] The global biodiversity framework offers a unique opportunity to agree on the global, collective action required to reduce the footprint of our production and consumption and to address the direct and indirect drivers of biodiversity loss. [...] The GBF should integrate a human rights-based approach (RBA) to ensure the respect of human rights and the full, effective and equitable participation of indigenous peoples and local communities, women and girls, youth and other people in vulnerable situations. [...] The conservation of a substantial proportion of the world’s biodiversity and its provision of essential goods and services to people largely depends on the customary institutions and management systems of indigenous peoples and local communities. [...] The EU should substantially and consistently increase support to African governments primarily in two key areas: ● Enhancing the availability of biodiversity finance and their effective and efficient use at all levels: the EU should support African partner countries to revise their National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) to align them with the GBF and define all new and compleme.

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