The Business of Climate Recovery: Accelerating Accountability, Ambition and Action
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The Business of Climate Recovery: Accelerating Accountability, Ambition and Action

14 November 2022


This includes the Presidency, and all parties and business leaders promotion of clear and vocal business from around the world to drive the ambition, support for the ISSB Prototype under action and accountability forward and development to become the mandatory accelerate the decarbonization of business to global baseline for climate reporting the levels prescribed by climate science. [...] Unlock the potential for natural climate The shift to a net-zero economy is already solutions to finance nature, helping to creating economic and social impacts for close the finance gap for developing communities and workers at both the local and countries in both mitigation and global levels. [...] Credits in the forestry and land-use additional private sector finance to high-quality sector (where the majority of NCS activities take NCS investments by 2025, especially in place) made up 67% of the value (USD developing countries, to help with both the $1.982 billion) and 46% of the volume delivery of the Global Biodiversity Framework (227.7 million tons of CO2 equivalent). [...] Notably, the United The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the global Nations High-Level Climate Champions (HLC) energy crisis that it has triggered are a stark launched the 2030 Breakthroughs to provide reminder of the need for the clean energy clarity on the path to halving emissions by 2030 transition - to promote both energy resilience across the global economy. [...] agri-banking, livestock and fertilizers, to enable the development of frameworks, tools and To help leading global businesses in the food metrics to reduce emissions; and improve and agriculture system rapidly reduce accountability and reporting for emissions emissions and build resilience across their through the development of GHG Protocol site-specific activities and global value chains, metric.