Forest Sector Nature-Positive Roadmap  - Phase I: A shared definition
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Forest Sector Nature-Positive Roadmap - Phase I: A shared definition

15 November 2022


Not only will it feel the recognize the need to rally behind world rapidly awakens to impacts of both crises, the sector a shared definition of the severity and urgency of also faces the responsibility and nature-positive to catalyze the crisis, the level of global opportunity to advance some action on this common societal attention on nature loss of the solutions the world needs goal. [...] The forest sector inspire peers to follow suit in is well-positioned to grow the order to build the critical mass The “nature-positive” concept circular bioeconomy based on needed to transform our individual has begun to unite the business wood from sustainable working companies, the sector and the community in its efforts to protect forests as a renewable and broader economic system in and restor. [...] Box 1: Connections to SBTN and TNFD - Overview This report contains three In alignment with the roadmap’s along the forest products value boxes tying the content of the objective of providing a shared chain (similar to Step 4: Act in roadmap to the SBTN and TNFD definition of nature-positive SBTN’s 5-step process; the frameworks. [...] gas (GHG) emissions into the 14 Forest Sector Nature-Positive Roadmap Phase I: A shared definition of nature-positive Table 1: Definition of the levers of SBTN’s Action Framework and their application to the forest sector Levers Definition Application to the forest sector(examples, non-exhaustive) Prevent the impact from happening or eliminate the In the forest sector, deforestation and the impact. [...] As part of the regional authorities’ restoration target, the plots are monitored to follow the long-term recovery of this ecosystem and to ensure the continued success of the project.



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