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7 November 2022


A Letter to In addition, the municipal team has been engaged in Sustainable Utopia the comprehensive review of all municipal affairs, with the first publication of SDGs Voluntary Local Review of Taoyuan (VLR) in 2020 and the establishment of the Sustainable Development Committee in the following year as the milestone of continued excellence in sustainability. [...] In the past eight years, we have witnessed the growth and transformation of Taoyuan on the path of building Under the dual challenges of global pandemic and in joint effort with the citizens the utopia called climate change in the recent two years, Taoyuan, as Taoyuan. [...] Urban and Healthy City Section Rural Resilience Section Sustainable Under authority by the Under authority by the Department Development Department of Public Health of Urban Development of the of Taoyuan City Government, Taoyuan City Government, the Committee the Healthy City Section is Urban and Rural Resilience Section responsible for the City's is responsible for the City's fields of affairs in. [...] She invited the elders of the neighbors to lecture in the "Unaged Professionals" lectures to tell "The houses here are rarely sold, and the neighbors the history and stories of Daxi, and organize events are of the same families for the last four to five together, which has made historical old house and the generations. [...] With a view to pass down cultural assets excellent example of the preservation and restoration and preserve the historical memory of the City, of the historic district with its combination with the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Taoyuan City leisure attractions around Daxi Old Street as the drive Government handles cultural assets investigation, of local cultural tourism as well as the spot.

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