Zambia - Agribusiness and Trade Project : environmental assessment : Revised Environmental and Social Management Framework (English)
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Zambia - Agribusiness and Trade Project : environmental assessment : Revised Environmental and Social Management Framework (English)

1 December 2022


The Zambia Agribusiness and Trade Project (ATP) is a national project that aims to support all relevant actors of the economy across the country. The Project will be comprised of two components that will focus on fostering Market Linkages in Agribusiness and Strengthening the Regulatory and Institutional Framework for Agribusiness and Trade. There will further be a component that will be a supporting pillar on Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: dust suppression measures will be undertaken and construction and use of machinery will be restricted to normal working hours and will meet regulatory requirements. There will be no excessive idling of construction vehicles at sites. There will be no open burning of construction / waste material at the site; the construction areas will be properly secured with signposting, warning signs, barriers and traffic diversions. Signage should inform the public of potential hazards. Provision of safe passages and crossings for pedestrians, along with active traffic management. Adjustment of working hours to prevent disruption of pedestrian access and local traffic patterns, e.g. avoiding major transport activities during rush hours or times of livestock movement community to be informed about possible temporary restrictions to access; and waste and debris, including sediments and vegetation shall be managed and kept in temporary controlled area and transported in a secure manner for disposal in appropriate disposal facility.

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Revised Environmental and Social Management Framework
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